Why Castle Medical?

As a leading toxicology laboratory we are committed to supporting a variety of pain-care physicians and healthcare professionals with a focus on protecting their patients and their practices. Our continued commitment is also our promise.

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What We Do?

Specializing in drugs of abuse, we have compiled a comprehensive roster of drugs for which we test. With the ability to create personalized plans, our clients can select medications included for patients pain medication monitoring program.

Comprehensive Drug Panel

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APR 2014

ID-Cap: The Future?

Tags: Compliance Testing, Drug Abuse

eTect announced today it has been authorized to move ahead on the second phase of its "Fast Track" SBIR grant by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The ID-Cap is a standard HPMC or gelatin capsule embedded with a wireless sensor that verifies the ingestion of [...]



MAR 2014

A Special Thank You

Tags: Physicians, Appreciation, Pain Care

Every year on the 30th day of March we say "Thank You" to the men & woman who go above and beyond, those who embody compassion and endure the hardships of our current state of healthcare. Medical professionals who day-in and day-out make sure we live better, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Thank You