State-Of-The-Art Laboratory Services

Castle Medical has committed itself to fully serve the pain management specialty area with state-of-the art toxicology labs headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

While our focus is on drugs of abuse testing, our duty is to physicians and their patients, and although we have put together the industry’s most comprehensive and functional testing panels, we offer a plethora of toxicology testing services from which physicians may choose in order to tailor programs to their patients’ specific needs.

With expert staffing and premium toxicology services, our scientific testing laboratories provide fast and accurate results for submitted specimens. Encompassing a list of approximately 60 drugs, and continually growing, our drug confirmation labs include the following classes of drugs:

As in everything we do, our toxicology laboratory expertise is best in class, and we have passed College of American Pathologists (CAP) proficiency testing. Providing the best patient care requires laboratory technicians and pathologists to strive for the highest level of performance. The CAP proficiency testing guarantees standards of quality that are critical to overall operations.

Pain Management Focus

Although we work with physicians of all backgrounds our focus and expertise is with pain management physicians and practices.

48 Hour Pledge

Our promise is also our pledge - we guarantee drug confirmation testing results within 48 hours of receiving samples, a promise we've never broken.

Standardized Results

Our easy-to-interpret results are available at your fingertips online, 24/7/365. We have developed a perfect solution for better confirmation results.

Triple-Check Program

In order to ensure the most accurate test results we have developed a triple-check system to produce error-free results with confirmation testing.